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   "Magnets" - George G, 3 years old

Parent Partnership

With Smartys we pride ourselves on our friendly working relationships with parents and carers. Due to the homely environment we have created, we have strong bonds between our staffing team and our parents.

We firmly believe that close co-operation and strong relationships with our parents has a profound effect on the service we offer. One of the benefits of being a small nursery is to ensure nursery life is a friendly, homely environment, and a more personal service to each family.

Smartys have a sub parent committee which is formed of a small group of our parents and is focused on working in partnership with the Management committee with the vision of Smartys central. The Smartys parent committee support us with fundraising ideas, and being the parent’s voice of Smartys.

We strongly encourage parent involvement in all ways such as inviting them to take part in our outings, activities, and volunteering.

Smartys solely believe in the key person system, where a key person is assigned to the child and their parents. Parents and staff are encouraged to communicate actively. Parents will be invited to the annual parent consultations and receive developmental reports.

Parent Testimonies

Such a homely/family feel with experienced staff, some of whom have been there over 15 years. Great activities, especially messy play and creative play, letting children be children. Unique outside space offering the usual play equipment, but also gardening and local nature trails, which are on the doorstep. The management are receptive to ideas from parents. Run as a registered charity, fantastic value for money and a refreshing change from the profit making chains. I would 100% recommend.

-Mother of Georgia, 3 years and Harry, 22 months-

We moved to Hitchin two years ago and I had to uproot my 1.5 year old from her much loved nursery where we used to live. After looking at several nursery options in Hitchin, my daughter loved Smartys the best. Having now started school this year, she learnt how to write her name at nursery, how to play with others and how to be a confident little girl, all I could ask for. Her little sister now goes and she is always wiped out when I pick her up as she enjoys all the activities she wouldn't do at home, like getting horribly mucky. I would, and have, recommended Smartys without hesitation.

-Mother of Chloe, 16 months old-

My son just has a fantastic time at Smartys. He has formed a really special bond with his key worker and all the staff in his room. You can tell from the way they talk to you that they really adore kids and delight in their funny little ways just like we do as parents. Smartys have been great at dealing with my son's allergies too, making him special meals and even dairy-free cakes so he doesn't miss out. When I am far away at work I know that my son is being well cared for by experienced staff and having lots of fun too.

-Mother of 22 month old-